Great Gable

Great Gable is located in the Western Fells area of Lakeland, approachable by walkers from Seathwaite (Borrowdale), Ennerdale, and Wasdale Head. There are also routes from the Honister Pass, and Gatesgarth (Buttermere).

Seen from Wasdale, Great Gable has the dramatic shape of a soaring pyramid. Elsewhere in the Lake District, the summit of Great Gable has, in the words of Alfred Wainwright, the appearance of " ... a massive spare-cut dome." Wainwright also has this to say about Great Gable "It is the undisputed overlord of the group hills to which it belongs, and its superior height is emphasised tremendously by the deep gulf separating it from the Scafells and allowing an impressive view that reveals the whole of its half-mile altitude as an unremitting and unbroken pyramid" (Wainwright, 1966, The Western Fells, Great Gable, 3). Great Gable provides fantastic view for those who reach the summit on a clear day.

Great Gable Ordnance Survey Map

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