Lake District Maps

Map Mashups of the Lake District

Over the past 8 months I have been using the Google Earth Plugin to develop map mashups for my website on the English Lake District. This has been fascinating work for me, and I have found Google Earth to be a brilliant way to represent the Lake District area. One of the great things about Google Earth for mapping the Lake District, is its ability to zoom down to ground level in order to view the all the different features where some of the details are quite incredible. In the fells things like mountain paths, boulders, streams and crags can be seen quite clearly. And in towns and villages, the houses, streets, and cars can also be seen in vivid detail. But then when you choose to zoom out again, the whole area can be viewed at a higher level, so you get an idea of where everything is in relation to each other.

Old Man of Coniston Map

Screen shot of the Old Man of Coniston Map.

However, one of the best features of Google Earth for me is its ability to show terrain in 3d. Unlike Google Maps where you look straight down at 90 degrees, Google Earth lets you change the angle of tilt and heading so you can look across the surface of the map to view computer generated 3d representations of mountains, hills and valleys from any direction. You can really get a feel for the lie of the land, and because the terrain has its satellite image overlaid onto the 3d models, the images are quite realistic; and in the context of this website, it is a great way to represent the geography of the Lake District with its 3000' mountains, soaring cliff's, and glacial valleys.

I have produced a customized google earth map mashup for each area written about on the website. There are map mashups listed above for many Lakeland fells, valleys and villages. These have relevant placemarks to show where many of these features are located on the map, in addition to overlay paths highlighting some of the best fell walking routes. Each map mashup has a simple user interface to guide you through the Lake District with Google Earth Virtual Tours. These take you around various Lakeland areas, flying across terrain from one camera view to the next. They are designed to show you many of the brilliant Google Earth images available of the Lake District. I do hope you enjoy exploring the Lake District interactively in this way.

Justin Farrell 11th May 2009

scafell map screen shot

Google Earth image of Scafell.

Ordnance Survey - OS Maps

Recently (since Map 09) I have started to use the Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API to embed OS Maps on some of my web pages. The Windermere Map, for example, allows you to view this area with a Google Map, a Google Earth Map, or an OS Map, each offering their own unique perspective. This is a great tool for exploring the Windermere area. I hope to add more OS Maps to the site over the coming months.

Windermere Map

Screen Shot of the Windermere Map.