Virtual Tour of Skiddaw

Skiddaw Tour KML Download

Download the Skiddaw Tour and 3D Map KML file to open in Google Earth.

The Virtual Tour of Skiddaw was created for use on the Google Earth Browser. You can download the tour by clicking the link to the KML file above. In addition to running the tour on Google Earth itself, you will also see placemarks providing information on specific points of interest such as the Skiddaw summit or the various lesser peaks in the Skiddaw range. Walking routes from various locations are also included in the download.

Skiddaw Map and Tour Download Skiddaw Map and Tour Download

Above: To run the tour after downloading, double click where it says "Start Tour!" in the left hand side-bar. Alternative you can use the map controls to move around and zoom in and out, and explore the area yourself.

Route and Description of the Skiddaw Tour

The tour starts with a classic view of Skiddaw looking across from Derwent Water. We then move around the west side of Skiddaw in a clockwise direction, passing the wooded sub-peak of Dodd with the spectacular ridge of Ullock Pike, Longside and Carl Side behind.

Next, we move around to the north side of Skiddaw with Bakestall and the Dead Crags in the foreground, before traversing Skiddaw Forrest on the east. Dropping down through the valley of Glenderaterra Beck, we see the pyramid shape of Great Calver between the steep sides of the Lonscale and Blease Fells.

As we reach the River Greta we start to ascend above the slope of Latrigg, and follow the Latrigg to Skiddaw path passing Skiddaw Little Man enroute. We then circle above the main Skiddaw Summit before finally zooming down to the summit ride and looking at the spectacular view of the Lakeland fells in a southerly direction.

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