Borrowdale Routes to Scafell Pike

There are two Scafell Pike route options that will be covered on this page. Both begin from Seathwaite in Borrowdale. The first route heads south through Grains Gill and Esk Hause, whilst the other heads west towards Sty Head.

Scafell Pike via Grains Gill and Esk Hause

Like most routes to Scafell Pike, this route is long by most peoples standards. If you return by the same route it is at least a 10 mile round trip.

This route heads south from Seathwaite to the head of the Grains Gill valley where it meets the Langdale to Sty Head path underneath the cliffs of Great End. The path then heads south east before branching right to go up to Esk Hause. From here the path climbs onto the main ridge of the Scafell massif just south of the summit of Great End. Continuing south, the path skirts the boulder strewn Ill Crag and Broad Crag before finally climbing to the summit cairn of Scafell Pike.

Scafell Pike across Broad Crag Col

This shows the final stage of the Grains Gill - Esk Hause route. After decending Broad Crag into Broad Crag Col we can see the final ascent up the steep rocky path to the summit cairn on Scafell Pike. Photograph by Ann Bowker

Scafell Pike via Sty Head and the Corridor Route

This route is a 12 mile round trip.

Sty Head

Sty Head Tarn and the Corridor Route. Photograph by Ann Bowker

Starting from Seathwaite the path crosses Grains Gill at Stockley bridge before taking the west branch of the path that heads towards Styhead Tarn. At Styhead itself, the route briefly follows the north east path towards Esk Hause and Langdale, but turns off to the south to join the Corridor Route. This traverses the north western side of the main massif, before turning left to make the final ascent to Scafell Pike (just passed the Lingmel Col).

Above: This is a Virtual Tour I created of Borrowdale to Scafell Pike via Sty Head and the Corridor Route.