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Exploring Windermere

Windermere is a spectacular area of the Lake District. This interactive Map is a tool to help you explore the Lake, Towns, and surrounding countryside. Choose the Google Map for its clear satellite images, the Google Earth Map for its realistic 3D images, and the Ordnance Survey Map for its outstanding mapping detail. Each map will let you zoom in to see each area in greater detail. Use the Map navigation links at the bottom of the left side-bar for a map tour.

3D Windermere Map

If you check out the 3d Windermere Map, you might be surprised how flat the Windermere area is in relation to the mountainous terrain of the northern Lake District. The areas surrounding Windermere comprise of rolling hills formed from Silurian rock quite different from the volcanic rock of the high fells. Try adjusting the angle of tilt as you explore the Windermere Map to see the difference between these two geologically distinct areas.